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Session 2

Lesson Plan

Music and Rhythm


Hip Hop Basic (Zoom with instructor)

  1. Teaching of basic beginner steps

  2. Music and rhythm focus

  3. Dance Routine 2 (refer to video link)

  4. Introduction to movement creation




Dance Routine 2

Choreography routine from AEP show (link)



Basic Choreography (link)

Dance Routine 2

Here, you will find another short routine from the show.  Our instructor will guide you step by step through this routine (Zoom access only).

Alternatively, you can attempt this routine on your own. This video shows the dance routine in both original tempo as well as a slow down version.


In this session, we will explore the basics of creating your very own dance movement and short dance sequence!!! 

Note: It will probably require more than a day to complete the entire activity. Please take your time to explore the art of making your own dance. (We will continue with this activity in session 3)

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