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Session 1

Lesson Plan


Brief Background of Contemporary Dance

Contemporary Basic (Zoom with instructor)

  1. Teaching of basic beginner steps

  2. Instructor will guide you through some warming up/cooling exercises, which are essential safety practice when you are dancing.

  3. Dance Routine 1 & 2 (refer to video link)




Dance Routine 1 & 2

Choreography routine from AEP show 



Brief Background

Hover over each photograph below and learn more about Contemporary Dance.

Dance Routine 1

Here, you will find a short routine from the show.  Our instructor will guide you step by step through this routine (Zoom access only).

Alternatively, you can attempt this routine on your own. This video shows the dance routine in both original tempo as well as a slow down version.

Dance Routine 2


Of course, to learn about an art form requires time.

However, we believe you have learned some fundamentals of Contemporary Dance.

Try the quiz below!!!

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