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Live The Singapore Dream


* Digital Format available

Theatre performance



Live The Singapore Dream is a social-commentary theatre piece geared towards young audiences, incorporating pop music, street dance and singing contests - elements which young audience will find both entertaining and relatable.


Inspired by talent shows like America Got Talent, Star Awards, The Voice, SupermodelMe, this musical-inspired comedy surrounds three teenagers as they pursue their superstar dream. Media has the powerful capability of shaping ideas and beliefs of young people. The influence of media is unavoidable. It can create a false sense of identity, self-image and values.


Do these three friends really want to be famous and popular, like the celebrities and influencers on their Instagram? Or, is it pure social media’s influence, maybe coupled with some peer pressure?


Sara, a young girl, inspires to be a teacher, while her two best friends, Tyra and Justin have their own dreams. Tyra wants to become a super model while Justin wants to form his own K-Pop Boy Band. When Justin saw an audition call for Dream Superstar, a singing contest, the two girls decided unanimously to go for the audition with Justin to lend him their support.


Sara had never wanted to be a singer, much less a superstar. Yet, she found herself competing for the trophy at the final round of Dream Superstar, and had garnered thousands of supporting fans. At a crossroad, overwhelmed by this unexpected turn of events, Sara asked herself ‘Who do I really want to be?’

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