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My Cyber World


* Live Format available

Theatre performance


A theatre on awareness of Cyber Wellness and Addiction.

We live in the time where physical classroom can be replaced by Zoom; online games have taken over physical sports or a walk in the park; social media is the most efficient way to keep in touch with a friend. With online shopping and food delivery apps, we don’t even need to get out of our house. The digital world is and will continue to be an essential and prominent part of our lives, how do we maintain a healthy balance between both worlds and our mental wellness?

Nolly, a bright 15 year old has always gotten good grades in class. She has always been active and out-going with a healthy social life. She is also an excellent gamer in the virtual gaming world.


When Sapphire 13, the latest and coolest game was launched, Nolly was ecstatic. Very soon, gaming became her daily routine and the hours grew longer and longer. Staying alert during class became increasingly difficult, outings with friends were diminished to Facebook or Snapchat messaging. Deliveroo and Foodpanda became her new best friends. Her health and eyesight started to show signs of fatigue. Her school grades started to fall.


Nolly has been living in her virtual world.


Finally, one day… a wake-up call. Nolly received a letter from her school.



This programme comes with an online resource blog where students can embark on self-directed learning to further reflect and articulate their thoughts and ideas.


Content of online resource:

  1. Theatre making process/Actors interviews

  2. Post a question to our actors and creative team via our blog comment.

  3. Quizzes, QnA (google form) and Discussion (Handout)

  4. Curated articles related to theatre and performance theme on cyber wellness and social-emotional competencies.



Post-show talk and interaction with Actors

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