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Trash Town


* Digital Format available

Theatre performance



Trash Town is a black comedy, aims to be entertaining while delivering an globallyimportant and urgent message. Trash Town portrays a world that has been consumed by years of abuse and negligence, and raises various issues such as waste recycling and energy conservation to protect our ecosystem. Trash Town is a socialcommentary theatre piece geared towards young audiences, looking at the possible consequences of thoughtless and irresponsible habits, 50 years down the road. This piece integrates actual scientific and statistical data and projections, and is presented in a fantasy/sci-fiction piece that is both funny and frightening. Synopsis: While Larry was preparing for his assignment on environmental awareness, he fell into a time machine and visited the future earth, where water, electricity and life became scare and vulnerable. This journey awakened Larry’s consciousness of his responsibility and duty for the mother earth.

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