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* NEW  Digital NAC-AEP dance performance 



“A peek into the dancer’s life – a story about dreams and dedications”.

The dance community has grown largely in recent years, especially among the youths in Singapore. While the art form is beginning to gain more recognition and appreciation, not many understand the commitments, sacrifices and hard work dancers have to go through in order to master their craft. Dancers face various stereotypes, negativities and even misunderstandings from the people around them, such as family and their peers. Despite all of these, they press on and continue to work even harder just for one common goal in mind – to do better in their passion. 



“A peek into the dancer’s life” is a 30 min dance and multi-media performance. It presents 3 different dancers whose trainings vary in terms of culture, technique and style, which are Ballet, Hiphop and Latin American dance. In this performance, dancers will present a few short performances showing the essence and technique of their respective dance forms. They will also present the behind the scenes and obstacles they each have to overcome as they pursue their dreams as dancers.  


The finale features a new creation of a dance fusion from these 3 dancers. - an accidental result of their interaction, their sharing of their love for dance, and common goal to excel in their passion.


Note: All characters in the stories are based on real life individuals from Singapore. Their names have been changed in order to protect their privacy.



Dancer 1 - Clara, a Ballerina, 18,  started dancing at 15 year old, who is considered comparatively old for ballet dancers. She first came to know the world of ballet through her secondary school CCA dance group.


Dancer 2 - Riz, a male hip hop dancer, 22, who faces peer pressure and family’ disapproval of his love and commitment to dance. “Boys should not dance!!!  How are you going to support your wife and kids?” are common remarks he receives in his dance pursuit.


Dancer 3 - Emily, 25, a Latin Dancer, who works extremely hard in order to save money to finance her dance competitions and dance costumes.



  1. To present to students  the differences and essence in the 3 dance styles featured.

  2. To share the up close and personal stories of dancers’ lives - how one overcomes challenges and perseveres to achieve his/her goal.

  3. To inspire students to conquer difficulty and life challenges, and encourage the virtues of perseverance and determination.

  4. To inspire students’ aesthetic appreciation and curiosity towards dance.

  5. To create the culture of watching arts performance to the young generation.

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