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About Us

Creative Tree is a company dedicated to local preschools and schools art’s education in dance, theatre and music enrichment and performance. In the last 18 years, Creative Tree has provided our professional services across nationwide. To ensure our programmes stay relevant to the needs of today’s education, Creative Tree works closely with the National Arts Council, schools and teachers, as well as with our instructors and arts practitioners.


Our History

Creative Tree was found in 2000 by Celina Ng and Joavien Ng, a sister collaboration venture to provide dance enrichment to the local schools. Over the years, the company has expanded its resources from providing aesthetic enrichment to producing fine quality theatre and dance performance to schools. In 2018 alone, Creative Tree has brought our services to 55 schools in Singapore.


To date, Creative Tree has to a vast network of quality artists, educators and instructors, and actors with our own in house technical /editing equipments and a dance studio for our instructor training and actor rehearsal purposes.


Our Motto

To cultivate a holistic experience through arts, where the young can learn beyond the art forms, to better themselves as individuals in society and enrich their lives and those around them.


To bring exposure and appreciation of performing arts to our children

To use arts as a mean to nurture confident individuals, which we believe will set a strong foundation for their future endeavours.

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