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Mix n match up to a maximum of 3 options of dance style listed below and get the ultimate exposure to the world of dance.

*Contemporary/Modern *Jazz *Ballet *Lyrical Jazz *Hip Hop *Ballroom Dance *Creative Movement *Flamenco *Ethnic Dance *American Line Dance.* Latin * Salsa * Musical* K-Pop

An extremely energetic and popular dance style amongst the young people, Hip Hop comprises a wide range of techniques such as breaking, locking, and popping, just to name a few. This programme aims to provide students with an introductory basic skills and exposure to the amazing world of Hip Hop and Street Dancing.

Originally practised largely as a competitive dancesport, the Latin and Ballroom dance is now enjoyed widely by all, ranging from children to the elderly. The popularity of this dance genre is gained by its captivating eloquence and beauty of its movement, the precision of technique and co-ordination, as well as its ability to promote social interaction through dance. Conducted by professional Dancesport competitors, students will learn a variety of dance disciplines of Latin Ballroom Dance, namely the Cha Cha Cha, Samba, Rumba, Paso Doble and Jive.

Contemporary dance, a dance genre appearing on the heels of modern and post modern dance, derives its techniques from both classical and modern dance, resulting in a hybrid movement form inspired by other artisitc disciplines such as literature, architecture, visual arts, music and theatre.

Jazz dance has a chameleon quality reflecting the changing face of popular culture from 1800s to present. Today, Jazz Dance is often associated with Broadway musical such as Cats, Chicago, Hair Spray. Jazz dance is highly expressive in emotion and physicality. The technique portrays beauty and poise, which consist of expressive arms/hands movement, body isolation and clean footwork through precise execution.

Originated in the early 1920s from America and Germany, Modern Dance is an artisitc revolution to the rigidity and uni-dimensionality of classical ballet. It broke away from the codified movements and balletic narrative structures of ballet, and evolved into new movement techniques such as the Graham technique and Horton Technique.

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Percussion Dance, incorporates the playing of musical percussion, such as tambourine and maracas into a dance choreography. This programme enhances movement co-ordination and builds an acute sense of musicality and rhythm. Students will learn the notation of Percussion Dance techniques, from which they will be able to create new dance choreography independently and stimulate their creativity and interest in dance.

(Primary, Secondary and Special Education Schools)

Creative Classroom uses a series of 'fun n play' activities, merging 3 core elements of drama, dance and music. It opens students' creative minds to explore and express themselves, build self confidence and team work.

3 Core Elements:

1. Creative Drama - Theatrical Expression, Creative Acting, role-playing, character studies .

2. Creative Movement - Body and space awareness, Movement quality and dynamics, Movement exploration and representation.

3. Creative Music & Appreciation - Improvisation with percussion, rhythmic construct, music interpretation


(Primary and Special Education Schools)

Dance in Curriculum

Incorporate Dance into your curriculum, this course comes complete with an evaluation test and grading system to track your students’ progress in their skills and knowledge.
Choice of courses:
1 Term module: 8 weeks
2 Terms module: 16 weeks

Creative Movement helps students explore the elements of space, movement, their bodies,
and be comfortable expressing themselves through their bodies.The programme develops body awareness, aesthetic appreciation and creative expression. It heightens students’ awareness of spatial space, their body movement and the ability to express and communicate through movement. It stimulates creativity and develops movement co-ordination.


(Primary, Secondary and Special Education Schools)


Zumba (Non-Aep)

Zumba is a Latin inspired mass dance workout that incorporates salsa, merengue, hip-hop, squats and more. Zumba, enjoyed in over 40 countries worldwide, is a great workout for all fitness levels and age groups.

KpopX Fitness

K pop meets Fitness, designed to pump up heartbeat, and get a great workout with the popular K pop dance.

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