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Theatre & Dance Performances


You Can Dance if You want to (Digital/Live)

A dance on creativity and courage


A Dance competition gone wrong - a Latin Dancer absent-mindedly misplaced her dance costume; a contemporary dancer sprained her ankle before going on stage. As the saying goes, “The show must go on”. These dancers, when faced with difficult and challenging situations, tackled their competition hiccups with creativity and courage.


Live The Singapore Dream(Digital/Live)

A theatre on Self-realisation and Determination

A musical-inspired comedy explores the lives and dreams of young people. Do they really yearn to be famous and popular, or are they just seeking for some attention and self-assurance? Live the Singapore Dream desires to communicate across to the young audience the realisation and actualisation of their own personal dreams.


A Peek into the Dancer's Life(Digital/Live)

A dance about Dreams and Dedications

Dance is an art form that demands discipline, endurance and perseverance. Not many people understand the commitment and hard work dancers have to put in to master their craft and pursue their passion. Meet 3 young dancers - a Ballerina, a B-boy and a Latin Dancer, as they share their challenges and obstacles, and how they overcome them.


Trash Town (Digital/Live)

A theatre on Environmental Awareness

Trash Town delivers an important and urgent message - the possible consequences of thoughtless and irresponsible habits towards planet earth. It raises various issue such as climate change, waste recycling and energy conservation. In a world that has been consumed by years of abuse and negligence, what can we do to save our earth?


Dance of the World (Digital/Live)

A dance performance across the world

Dance of the World brings audience into an exciting and fascinating world of dance, across countries and cultures. Dances featured in this show are well known for their captivating eloquence and beauty of the movements, and the precision of techniques and showmanship - Irish Dance, Korean Traditional, Paso Doble and Jive.


My Cyber World[Live)

We live in the time where physical classroom can be replaced by Zoom; online games have taken over physical sports or a walk in the park; social media is the most efficient way to keep in touch with a friend. How do we find a healthy balance between the digital and real world?


Nolly had always been a modest student with good grades, living a healthy social and family life. All these changed when she chanced upon the online, coolest cyber game, Sapphire 13. Her addiction to the virtual cyber space slowly took a toll to her mental well-being, academic performance and her relationship with family and friends.


Vintage Memory[Live)

Vintage Memory celebrates our Singaporean spirit and resilience.

Portrayed through the daily life of the three-generation Lin family, this multi-media dance theatre relives the sacrifice and hard work our pioneers contributed in the early years for our nation building. Singapore has grown and changed rapidly. Our landscape resembles the adaptability of a chameleon. New condominiums and businesses are sprouting quickly, while nostalgic landmarks and traditional trades are on the brink of extinction. In this ever-evolving little red dot, it is easy to lose sight of our cultural identity. Vintage Memory wants to preserve these memories for our young generation, ignites our sense of belonging, reminds us to remain resilient and united in harmony.


Where is my cat? Here's my dog.(Digital/Live)

A dance theatre on kindness and compassion

This performance promotes compassion and owner’s responsibility for animals. With a fusion of ballet, contemporary dance and physical theatre, this dance-theatre tells the story of Na Na, a courageous girl who rescued an old abandoned dog from the streets.

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