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Vintage Memory celebrates the Singaporean spirit and resilience. A theatre performance with dance and multi-media projection, it engages audience into an exciting, yet nostalgic time travel through Singapore’s early days into the present.

Vintage Memory ignites our sense of belonging and identity in our young generation by portraying important values such as resilience, community unity and harmony through the stories of three characters. The theatre performance aims to relive the nation building experience and the struggles that our pioneers went through, thereby appreciating their contributions to Singapore’s development over the years.

In the last decade, Singapore has grown and changed rapidly. Our landscape resembles the adaptability of a chameleon; with new buildings replacing old ones in a matter of months, new and hip businesses sprouting everywhere while the old traditional trades are slowly disappearing, our tiny patches of leftover forest are being cleared to make way for new development. In this fast changing little red dot, it is easy to lose our sense of belonging and cultural identity.

The dance theatre features:

- video footages of the 1960s-1990s Singapore, from demolished architectures and landscapes, e.g. old school playground with sand pit and the old Singapore river; to disappearing traditional trades such as the shoe/ key repair makeshift stalls, the kacang puteh (peanut) man in pushcarts.

- Singapore soundscape and local song writers’ music from the 60s -90s. e.g. Lian Wen Fu, Naomi and the boys, The Quests, The Crescendos.

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